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More sustainable living, by design.


The Fred sets new sustainable building standards for Edina, in line with what our future residents want and value. Our energy use footprint is about 30% lower than other, similar new construction projects.  Additionally, Solhem’s sister company, Renew 22, generates enough solar power to cover the energy needs of The Fred and other Solhem built apartment units in the metro.

At The Fred, we offer electric car plug-ins, extensive on-site stormwater recycling systems, bike storage at every parking stall and organics recycling in addition to other energy-saving features. Simply put, The Fred is more sustainable, by design.

Sunlight optimized design

Floor-to-ceiling windows flood your space with natural light and dual-pane windows moderate effects of weather changes on inside temperatures.

High efficiency full size washers, dryers in every unit

Use less detergent and less water while extending the life of your favorite pair of jeans

100% LED lighting systems

Our LED lighting systems save energy, reduce costs and provide a cozy glow

Low VOC paint Sustainability

Low VOC paint

Lowers impact on air quality and reduces “fresh paint” odors

Organic trash disposal

Composting food scraps (& more!) has never been easier

White membrane sustainability

A white membrane roof for energy efficiency

Helps cool our little urban oasis while reducing the need for more electricity to run our air conditioners

Effortless indoor+outdoor living

Enjoy a seamless transition from inside to outside, while bringing fresh air and sunlight into your home

Walk (or bike) to everything

Shake it up with a bike-ride to Shake Shack, Wooden Hill Brewery, Trader Joe’s, or venture into The Fred’s backyard and explore one of Edina’s many public trails

Electric car charging sustainability

Electric car charging

Add hundreds of miles overnight with our 240V charging – details on PlugShare

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The Fred is a sustainable, eco-conscious rental community in the heart of Edina